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No student of the Bible can do without resources in order to engage in a serious study. The beginning student may start with only a minimum of items such as a Bible and a concordance, but in time he/she can start building up their library and study tool kit. Many items can be found free on the internet and other items can be bought at extreme discounts. Libraries often have sales of the books that they are removing from their shelves. I started my own library with books bought at library sales. Christian college and seminary libraries have the best materials. Used book deals can be found on Ebay and Amazon. Christian Book Distributors(CBD) is probably the largest retailer of Christian books in the nation and they often have sales and discounts of their inventory. They also have deals on books that are slightly damaged.

Bible software is extremely useful for research and study. The tools available with this software allows you to do things such as accessing Greek and Hebrew language tools for those who are not trained in these languages. You can also acquire digital books which you can store on a computer allowing you to have a large digital library which does not take up physical space in your home. Digital books are less expensive than physical books and there are greater deals to be found with digital or e-books. An e-book reader such as the Amazon Kindle is a great way to acquire and store your study library. Logos/Faithlife Bible software company offers the best materials for your study needs. They have huge discounts on many of their materials and always have free resources available for their users. Each month they offer different free digital resources. I posted a link on the resources tab for a free download of their software, check the resources for this link.

Having spent years acquiring my own library and resources, I have discovered some of the best ways to find resources and discounts which I wish to pass on to my readers. These can be found here on the Deals and Discounts tab. As I discover these deals they will be placed here. I hope that these prove beneficial for your own Bible study needs.

The Amazon Fire Tablet is a bargain for those wanting to start a digital library. The Fire Tablet is much less expensive than a Kindle reader but it has the Kindle app installed so that you can download and buy Kindle books. It is also a tablet with several other apps contained on it. You can also download your Bible software app such as Logos.

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