Cornerstone New Testament Commentary, 8 Volumes   -

The Cornerstone Commentary series is based on the New Living Translation(NLT) Bible, which is easy to read and understand while still maintaining accuracy. This set is a non-technical commentary intended for the student of any level and the church leader. It is written from an evangelical perspective by highly respected authors such as Darrel Bock, Grant Osborne, Gordon Fee, and John Oswalt. These are names familiar with those involved in serious study of Scripture. These commentaries can also be purchased individually instead of as a set.

Cornerstone New Testament Commentary, 8 Volumes

Written to equip pastors and Christian leaders with exegetical, theological, and application-oriented knowledge, this acclaimed commentary set presents the message of each Scripture passage as well as an overview of surrounding issues. Reflecting up-to-date evangelical scholarship, it includes notes from David Turner, Philip Comfort, Darrell Bock, William Baker, and other respected scholars. 4200 pages total, eight hardcovers from Tyndale.

Logos Bible Software

Free Logos 8 Basic


  • Value of included resources: Over $1,500
  • Library: 20+ digital books including Lexham Bible DictionaryThe Treasury of Scripture Knowledge, Faithlife Study Bible, and more.
  • Designed for: Anyone interested in Bible study.
  • Features: Logos 8 Basic Feature Upgrade, including reverse interlinears, interactive media, Workflows, and other features.
  • Recommended by: John Piper, Kay Arthur, R. Albert Mohler Jr., and other trusted Christian leaders. See all endorsements.
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This free version of Logos Bible Software puts insights from across all of Scripture—and a collection of key biblical resources—right at your fingertips. With Logos 8 Basic, you’ll do basic Bible study tasks and see for yourself how Logos can help you discover, understand, and share more of the biblical insights you crave. Customize a Bible reading plan, take notes and highlight, consult devotionals and commentaries, and more—all with the help of intuitive, interactive tools.

Logos 8 Basic is a limited-feature version of Logos 8. With no credit card required, enjoy select features that are included in Logos 8 base packages, as well as a few datasets, books, and other resources.*

*The features, datasets, and books provided in Logos 8 Basic are “access-only,” which means you have access to them but do not own them permanently.

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Holman Illustrated Bible Handbook
The Holman Illustrated Bible Handbook is a great resource for both the Bible study student and the Bible reader. It is a compact, 9″x5″ text with 500 pages of content. The handbook contains a short summary of each book of the Bible including photos, maps, and illustrations. The list price at Christian Book Distributors is 1/3rd the price at Amazon.

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